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Gendering the European Parliament

Exploring the Dark Side. Theorising Resistances and Opposition to Gender+ Equality in Comparative Perspective


Workshop Director
Mieke Verloo
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Workshop Co-Director
David Paternotte
Université Libre de Bruxelles

26/04/2017 09:00 - 17:00
Building: Dearing Building Room: Room C49
While opposition to feminist and sexual politics and to gender+ and sexual+ equality is not new at all, there is only recently attention to it in research and political analysis. There is at present a growing number of empirical case studies documenting and analysing such resistances and opposition, but there is a strong lack of more conceptual and theoretical contributions. For both scholarly and political reasons, we need to bring together the best scholars working on this to make further progress

Paper List

Title Details
Absorbing Disorder in American Psychiatry: From 'Homosexuality' as Pathology to 'LGBT' as Risk Factors View Paper Details
Anti-Gender Movements – Resistances Against… What? View Paper Details
Anti-Gender Movements in Europe: Between Catholicism and Populism View Paper Details
Episteme, Polity and Inequality Regimes: New Dynamics and Configurations View Paper Details
European Culture Wars? A Theoretical Perspective on the Role of Religion in EU Abortion Politics View Paper Details
Facebook as a Site of Resistance and Opposition: Conservative Performances of Gender by Women Politicians in Hungary and Romania View Paper Details
Feminist Resistance in the Triangle of Neoliberalism, Conservatism and Racism View Paper Details
'Gender' and its Enemies in Trans-continental Perspective View Paper Details
Gender Equality and the Occurrence of Indirect Opposition View Paper Details
GenderBabel: The Multivocality of “Gender” and “Gender Equality Politics” as a Source for Illiberal Appropriation and Contestation. A Norm-diffusion Perspective View Paper Details
Neo-conservatism, Sovereign Power and Bio-power: Female Subjectivity in Contemporary Turkey View Paper Details
Opposing Democracy, Opposing Gender+ Equality: The Case of the Macedonian Political Party VMRO–DPMNE View Paper Details
Opposition to Women's Increased Civic and Political Participation in Developing Countries View Paper Details
Opposition to Gender and Sexual Equality in Croatia: Towards the Concept of Anti-egalitarian Activism View Paper Details
The Feminist Movement and the EU: Comparing Resistances to Gender Equality within the EU Institutions and their Consequences for Women's Groups' Access View Paper Details
The Flipside of Role Models: The Symbolic Representation of Class in Flanders View Paper Details
Theorising Europe in Dark Times View Paper Details
Theorising European Fathers' Rights Movement View Paper Details
Understanding the Link between Islamic Religiosity and Opposing Public Gender Equality in the MENA between 2001 and 2014 View Paper Details
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