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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Networks of Violent and Radical (collective) Action

Panel Number
Panel Chair
David Knoke
University of Minnesota

Research on clandestine, terrorist, and other “dark” social networks grew with the mobilisation of social scientists to fight terrorism and organised crime. Earlier contributions, predominantly from
anthropologists and sociologists, sought to uncover concealed and difficult to access groups involved in drug trafficking, arms smuggling, espionage, or membership in criminal gangs. More recent developments spanning many disciplines attempted to identify key actors in environments of incomplete data, often taking into account conflict as well as cooperation among actors. Papers in this panel will addresses substantive, theoretical, and methodological issues, including: how dark networks, consisting of individuals and organisations spanning countries and continents, form and evolve; new research tools for analysts to investigate these networks; applied network analysis by law enforcement, military, and counterterrorist organisations; limitations and problems in data collection and analysis of hidden networks; and directions for future research on clandestine, terrorist, and dark networks.

Paper List

Title Details
Alliance Building in the Greek Anti-Austerity Campaign 2010-12 View Paper Details
Building Social Movement in a (Post) Totalitarian Society: The Role of Pre-Existing Social Networks View Paper Details
Comparing Network Structures View Paper Details
Exploring Vindicated Clandestine Networks: The Functioning of Samizdat in Soviet Lithuania View Paper Details
It Takes a Network: The Rise and Fall of Social Network Analysis in US Army Counterinsurgency Doctrine View Paper Details
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