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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Transformation of the Political Studies Profession: What does it mean to be an Active Academic in the Current Era?

Comparative Perspective
Experimental Design
Higher Education
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Meng-Hsuan Chou
University of Helsinki
Panel Discussant
Jacqueline Briggs
University of Lincoln

08/09/2017 14:00 - 15:40
Building: BL07 P.A. Munchs hus Floor: 1 Room: PAM SEM4
Academics—junior, mid-career, or established in the political studies profession—are at the forefront of many (policy) changes sweeping the contemporary university landscape. For example, as scholars, they meet the external and internal (funding, performance) demands for innovative research, often being asked or incentivised to bring their ‘ideas to the market’ through collaboration with industry. As researchers, they navigate the multiple publication platforms and social media (e.g. monographs, articles, symposia, mini-graphs, blog posts, tweets) to promote and make visible their research. As educators, they apply the many latest technological advances in their teaching and translate whichever pedagogical terms (e.g. outcome-based learning, 21st century skills) are currently en vogue using the language of their discipline. As experts in their fields of research, academics are consulted in public policymaking and are asked to provide scientific solutions for decision-making. And for those researching the politics of higher education, research, and innovation, they describe, examine, and explain knowledge policy developments across all governance levels around the world, often interviewing policymakers introducing these very reforms affecting their profession. As living artefacts amidst transformative changes in the higher education sector, how do academics in the political studies profession make sense of their multiple, often contrasting, roles? What strategies do they apply to prioritise the many demands, while remaining an effective and efficient scholar, educator, administrator and disciplinary expert? Indeed, what does it mean to be an active academic in today’s academia? This panel invites research- or experience-based contributions from scholars working in any methodological field interested in the transformation of the political studies profession.

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