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ECPR Standing Group on the European Union 10th Biennial Conference LUISS, Rome

Politics of Provocation: Citizen Involvement and Institutional Reforms Across the Globe

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Workshop Co-Director
Yvette Peters
Universitetet i Bergen

At the moment of writing, there are roughly 82 demonstrations taking place around the world: from North Africa to Europe, from New York City to Tel-Aviv. These protests lead us to ask several questions: Why are people so angry and dissatisfied? Were there no means to direct disaffection through traditional, institutionalised channels? The general issue of political dissatisfaction is not new per se. However, given the global nature of recent events it is necessary to examine whether current theories of political participation and mobilization still hold for protests in democratic and non-democratic socieites. Our aim is to better understand declined levels of distrust, increased protest and the pronounced call for more democracy. We invite studies that seek to explain these phenomena using a comparative approach: explanations can be at different levels of analysis (individual, organsational and institutional), though we encourage a focus on institutional explanations. We would specifically welcome papers that provide a) an overview of theoretical explanations for the general worldwide phejomenon (based on e.g. historical analysis, existing research and case studies as well as innovative elements), and b) papers which empirically test some of the existing theories. In the latter group we encourage the use of new data, but would also appreciate the use of time series data to track (and explain) the occurrence of the widespread protests, call for democracy or dissatisfaction. Studies that deal with more in-depth comparisons of two or more countries are also welcome.

Paper List

Title Details
Dissatisfied “Critical Citizens” and Protest in Central-Eastern Europe in the Last Two Decades View Paper Details
Dissatisfied Democrats in Africa: A Danger for Democracy? View Paper Details
How Social Activism Practices shape our Understanding of Political Participation View Paper Details
Online and Offline Political Participation in Romania View Paper Details
Political Trust in Greece View Paper Details
Protests in Europe: Mobilising Dissatisfaction? View Paper Details
Sources of Political Disenchantment – A Multilevel Analysis View Paper Details
The Political Economy of the 2011 Protest in Israel: A Class-generational Analysis View Paper Details
The Political Turn of Citizens: What does Disaffection Mean? View Paper Details
The Reform and the Referendum: Why and How Citizens Vote on Institutional Reform View Paper Details
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