Voting for the Populist Radicals on the Right and the Left

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Joost Van Spanje
University of Amsterdam
Panel Discussant
Matthijs Rooduijn
University of Amsterdam
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08/09/2017 17:40
Building: BL20 Helga Engs hus Floor: Basement Room: HE U36
Over the past decades various European countries have seen the rise of radical right populist parties. Previous research on the supporters of these parties has shown that several groups of citizens tend to be underrepresented amongst their voters. Typically, specific attitudes and policy preferences also combine populist radical right- and left-wing electorates. The former are usually identified by their shared rejection of immigration, whereas the latter are usually identified by a shared rejection of current economic liberalism and capitalism. In addition, recent scholarship has proposed that, in addition to these kinds of attitudes, populism can serve as a harmonising attitude between them and can help explain the support for populist parties. However, this latter projection has not yet been fully explored and most of the scholarship’s focus lies on more traditional identifiers and characteristics of the populist radical right and the populist radical left. This panel brings together five papers that focus on different individual-level predictors of the support for both the radical right and the radical left, and that further explore the causal mechanisms that might underlie their support

Paper List

Becoming Part of the Gang? The changing role of external efficacy in explaining support for populist parties View Paper Details
Causality, Supply and Demand: Explaining the Electoral Performance of Right Wing Populist Parties View Paper Details
On the Origins of Left-Wing Extremism – Analyzing the Determinants of Extreme Left Attitudes in Germany View Paper Details
Precarious Work in Times of the Economic Recession and Voting for Populist Radical Right Parties View Paper Details
Risk Exposure and Voting Radical Right: A Mediation Analysis of the Socio-economic Foundations of Radical Right Support View Paper Details
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