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Public and Private Food Governance: Politics of Labelling and Food Certification Standards

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Peter Oosterveer
Wageningen University and Research Center
Section: Food Governance

Food governance under conditions of globalisation and enduring uncertainty on potential human health and environmental risks, generates shifts in responsibility between public and private actors and the introduction of innovative governance arrangements. This panel welcomes papers on the collaboration and competition between public and private arrangements by reviewing and discussing labelling standards, supervision and monitoring systems, and certification practices in food provision.

Paper List

Driving Palm Oil Towards Sustainability? Different Governance Arrangements Compared View Paper Details
Enforcing Compliance with Food Regulation: Modalities in the Relationship Between Public Enforcement Agencies and Private Parties View Paper Details
Institutional Change in the Swiss Agrofood Sector: Applying a Resource Perspective to Traditional Cheese Production View Paper Details
Is Global-Gap a Regulator? The Role of a Private Standard in the European Food Governance View Paper Details
Public and Private Food Governance: The Case of Palm Oil View Paper Details
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