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The European Union and Beyond

Rising Euroscepticism in East Central Europe: Current Trends and Prospects

Europe (Central and Eastern)
Comparative Politics
Political Leadership
Political Parties
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Vit Hloušek
Masaryk University
Panel Discussants
Vit Hloušek
Masaryk University
Krisztina Arato
Eötvös Loránd University

13/06/2018 16:00 - 17:45
Building: 9RC Room: 931
The aim of the panel is to examine and compare the most recent trends of soft as well as hard Euroscepticism in East Central European countries. Since the distinction between the two basic versions of Euroscepticism are blurred in some cases, the individual country papers will employ other concepts to work with such as narratives on Europe and analysis of use of myths related to European integration.
The focus will be on individuals as well as collective political actors such as the political parties, Prime Ministers, or Presidents. The authors will pay the main attention to the discursive practices as well as to the implemented policies influenced by above-mentioned Eurosceptic stances. The main goal of the research papers presented in the panel is to explain recent trends of Euroscepticism in particular East Central European countries and to explain the rising employment of Eurosceptic narratives, discourses, and practices within both general European context as well as within idiosyncratic domestic explanatory context to differentiate among the Eurosceptic politics in the region. The discussion based on empirical findings will try to contribute to debate concerning the conceptualization of Euroscepticism. East Central European examples will show that once firm boundaries between hard and soft Euroscepticism as well as between the soft Euroscepticism and pragmatic pro-integration are less clear in the current context.

Paper List

Title Details
Current Trends of Polish Euroscepticism View Paper Details
Europeanisation of Czech Eurooptimist Political Parties: A New Way of Explaining the Reasons for Euroscepticism? View Paper Details
Euroscepticism in Hungary – The Power of Narratives View Paper Details
Following the Stream? The Rise of Public Euroscepticsm in the Czech Republic View Paper Details
Soft and Hard: Recent Czech Eurosceptic Partisan Landscape View Paper Details
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