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ECPR General Conference 2020, University of Innsbruck

The European Research Area between Integration and Stratification

European Union
Higher Education
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Niilo Kauppi
University of Jyväskylä
Panel Discussant
Christine Musselin
Sciences Po Paris

13/06/2018 14:00 - 15:45
Building: 27SG Floor: First Room: 12
Building European science to compete with American dominance has long been a central aim of European policy makers. CERN (1954) and the European Science Foundation (1972) are examples of this political commitment. Since the 2000s, with the increasing role of the knowledge economy, the pressures to develop European research that responds to the needs of the economy have increased. With the development of data-driven policies and policy tools such as the Shanghai Ranking of world-class universities global convergences have taken place in higher education and research. Global competition for academic capital has become fiercer than ever before. In national research systems, these developments have prompted stratification processes between first and second class institutions, between those able to compete globally and those doomed to remain players at national or regional levels. The ESF and the EUs Framework Programmes have seen their role fade with the development of new funding institutions like the European Research Council (2007) and Science Europe (2011). They aim at integrating a unified European Research Area into the evolving, US -dominated global academic field. This panel invites theoretical and empirical papers that explore the links between the Europeanization of research and academic globalization processes.

Paper List

Title Details
Europeanisation and Global Academic Capitalism: The Case of the European Research Council View Paper Details
Global Rankings, Competition and ‘Models’ in Knowledge Governance View Paper Details
The American Field of Sociology between the Global and the Local – Reconstructing the Global Academic Elite and its Links to Europe View Paper Details
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