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Political Science in Europe

Right-Wing Violence and Modus Operandi

Political Violence
Decision Making
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Tore Bjørgo
Universitetet i Oslo

24/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 9 Floor: 2 Room: 29
The nature of the violent threat from the extreme right in Western democracies remains poorly documented and understood. For example, we often do not know whether to categorize attacks from the extreme right as “terrorism”, or as less premeditated forms of violence, often categorized as racist violence, violent extremism, or hate crime. We therefore need more knowledge about the operational and tactical behavior of contemporary right-wing perpetrators. Paper proposals should address actors, their modus operandi, and the conditions shaping it. Comparisons with previous actors and trends, other countries or regions, or other forms of political violence are appreciated.

Paper List

Title Details
Interaction Ritual Chains and Violent Rhetoric in Radical Right Online Social Media View Paper Details
Lone Actor Radicalization in the Italian Neo-Fascist Milieu: The Case the Florence Shootings 2011 View Paper Details
Vigilantism Against Migrants and Minorities: Findings from an International Comparative Study View Paper Details
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