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Advocacy Coalitions Framework: Comparing Methodologies for Theoretical Advancements

Public Policy
Comparative Perspective
Policy Change
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Panel Chair
Stéphane Moyson
Université catholique de Louvain
Panel Discussant
Daniel Nohrstedt
Uppsala Universitet
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23/08/2018 09:00
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2085
The Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) has produced a good number of original insights, especially in the area of advocacy coalitions, as supported by innovations in studying networks. Under the premise that we need transparent methods for advancing theories, this Panel invites Papers with innovative methodologies for studying learning, coalitions, and policy change that can produce theoretical advancements.

Paper List

Advancing Comparative Policy Process Research: Insights and Lessons from the Advocacy Coalition Framework Research Program View Paper Details
How Portable is the Advocacy Coalition Framework? Drawing Lessons from Cross-National Studies in Unconventional Oil and Gas Development View Paper Details
Learning About Learning in Contested Policy Contexts: Pushing the Advocacy Coalition Framework in New Directions View Paper Details
The Conservative Experts: Chinese Marxist Ethnology, Advocacy Coalition, and the Non-Reform of Contemporary Chinese Ethnic Policy View Paper Details
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