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2021 Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Politics and Gender

Transformations of National Identity in Europe

European Politics
European Union
National Identity
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Maryia Rohava
Universitetet i Oslo

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 8 Floor: 2 Room: 212
National identities are social constructs that position a group of nationals in relation to ‘others’. When exposed to the effects of globalization, when new people enter the national community, when countries are struck by severe crises and when the status of borders between countries changes, national identities are pushed to be redefined or reaffirmed. Changes in the beliefs of which values, norms and interests are shared by a national group in turn have consequences for what is perceived as democratically legitimate governance of the national group in question. This panel gathers papers that study these dynamics in a variety of European contexts.

Paper List

Title Details
‘If Britain Must Choose Between Europe and the Open Sea, She Must Always Choose the Open Sea.’ Europe as the Other in Brexit Britain View Paper Details
But Some are More Equal Than Others: Collective Notions of Danskhed and Svenskhet and Their Marks on Danish and Swedish Integration Policies. View Paper Details
Identity, Legitimacy and Democratic Continuities and Disruptions in Spain View Paper Details
Inter- And Intragenerational Cleavages in National Identity in Denmark View Paper Details
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