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Political Science in Europe

Perspectives on Immigration

Panel Number
Panel Chair
Arzu Yilmaz
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
Panel Discussant
Catherine Xhardez
Concordia University

25/08/2018 09:00 - 10:40
Building: VMP 5 Floor: 2 Room: 2071
In the wake of a catastrophic experience with the inflow of Syrian asylum seekers in Europe, immigration is in the limelight of scientists, civil society organizations and policymakers. As pointed out on the call signed by 500 academics for a paradigm shift in the way we think about migration, the recent attempts to coordinate policies and foster global governance fell short of providing innovative and impactful solutions. In this respect, Perspective on Immigration Panel aims to contribute the ongoing discussions by covering different refugee/immigration cases throughout Europe. The questions that would be addressed at the panel are as follows: How specific forms of present-day inter European movements relate to the arrival of Middle Eastern refugees? What explains why welfare regimes are so often chosen as a sector to which to ‘outsource’ immigration control? Does the increasing effect of political alienation on perceptions of threat by immigration hold after controlling for generalized trust both at the individual and regional level? What drives public perceptions on immigration in the context of the Brexit vote? What is the role of economic threat in the formation of public attitudes toward immigration?

Paper List

Title Details
Interlacing Migrations: Solidarity or Fear Towards Refugees Among Hungarians in Germany View Paper Details
Outsourcing Immigration Control: Why Welfare Regimes? View Paper Details
Political Alienation, Generalized Trust and Perceptions of Immigration. A Multi-Level Assessment View Paper Details
The Drivers of Immigration Attitudes in Britain Post EU-Referendum View Paper Details
The Role of Economic Threat in the Formation of Public Attitudes Towards Immigrants View Paper Details
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