From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

United in Diversity? The European System of Financial Supervision and its Effects

European Union
Political Economy
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Matthias Thiemann
Sciences Po Paris
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Matthias Thiemann
Sciences Po Paris
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13/06/2018 14:00
Building: 9RC Room: 907

Paper List

Banking on States: Institutionalised Patterns of State-bank Coordination and Post-crisis Sectoral Strategies Towards Domestic Large Banks in France, the UK and Germany View Paper Details
Reviving the Shadow Banking Chain in Europe: Regulatory Agency, Technical Complexity and the Dynamics of Co-Habitation View Paper Details
The Other Side of Independence: The ECB as a Supervisor of the Eurozone Banking System View Paper Details
United in Diversity? European Insurance Governance and the Production of Systemic Risk View Paper Details
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