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ECPR Virtual Methods School 2020

From the Outside In – International Relations’ Effects on Domestic Public Attitudes

Workshop Number
Workshop Director
Daniela Braun
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – LMU
Workshop Co-Director
Bernd Schlipphak
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Authors in Comparative Politics and International Relations have become increasingly interested in the domestic effects of international politics. Yet, these strands of research rarely find their way into public opinion research. According to the predominant view, attitudes toward the domestic level strongly shape attitudes toward the international level. In light of recent theoretical contributions and of recent but few empirical findings demonstrating strong effects of international (relation) factors on domestic attitudes – that is, effects ‘from the outside in’ – we question the predominant view. Instead, we argue that in times of global financial, ecological and security problems and of a very high degree of interdependence between states, international actors, politics and policies have become important enough to crucially influence the perceptions of citizens toward the domestic level. As such an influence of the international context has to be theoretically attributed to the effect of the loss of national autonomy perceived by citizens, the international context should most relevantly affect citizens’ evaluation of national political actors and the amount of trust ascribed to them. As the latter attitudes are also considered to be indicators of a systems’ legitimacy, the dependent variable of our proposal consists in public perceptions of the legitimacy of the national political system. We therefore aim for papers quantitatively but also qualitatively analyzing the effect of international actors, their behavior and their policies on public attitudes toward legitimacy on the domestic level.

Paper List

Title Details
Central and Eastern Europe after Enlargement: Successes and Failures View Paper Details
Conditional Influence: A Two-stage model of Public Opinion in Democracies and State Compliance with International Treaty Law View Paper Details
Coping with External Demands to Participate in Military Interventions - Does German National Identity Mediate International Relations’ Effects on Domestic Attitudes? View Paper Details
Feeling Threatened by the Crisis – The Nationalist Backlash and its Effect on Domestic Voting Preferences View Paper Details
Internationalisation, Discursive Structures and the Legitimacy of Domestic Politics View Paper Details
Inverted Performance Model? The Euro-Crisis and Trust in National Institutions in New Member States of the EU View Paper Details
Perceptions of the Room to Manoeuver of National Government under Economic Globalisation and Individual Electoral Participation View Paper Details
Sovereignty as Credibility - Expert Survey on the Implementation of the Swiss-EU Bilateral Agreements View Paper Details
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Political Support in Europe View Paper Details
The Relationship between Emerging Power Strengths and Weaknesses: Corruption and the BRICS View Paper Details
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