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ECPR 50th Anniversary Fund

Elites and Voters

Electoral Behaviour
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Patrick Dumont
Australian National University
Panel Discussant
Annika Werner
Australian National University

06/09/2019 17:50 - 19:30
Building: (Building A) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 3rd floor Room: 308
Do politicians systematically misperceive the preferences of their voters? This potential source for the widely debated crisis of representation has so far been understudied despite its increasing relevance in times of populist parties’ and leaders’ rise. While surveys have often asked voters to estimate the positions parties or political leaders on policy issues or dimensions, we do not have much evidence on how accurate elites' perceptions of where the public lies are. This panel builds on this kind of evidence to analyse how those perceptions and information processing have consequences on how political elites communicate, mutual trust between elites and voters, and responsiveness of governments to public opinion.

Paper List

Title Details
Candidates-Voters’ Substantive Policy Congruence in Luxembourg View Paper Details
Fit to Govern? Voters’ and Elites' Perceptions on Citizens’ Ability to Produce Reasonable Outcomes via Deliberative Review: Evidence from Finland View Paper Details
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is View Paper Details
Reading the Room: Elite and Public Perceptions of Each Other’s Preferences in Divided Times View Paper Details
Selective Perception in Elite Perceptions of Public Opinion: Evidence from UK Government Decisions View Paper Details
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