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Value Conflicts and Diverse Claims in Food Governance across Scales

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David Barling
University of Hertfordshire
Section: Food Governance

Food has been ascribed many different functions Food may be defined as a human right, a commodity, or rather by its’ environmental assets. At the same time food has emerged as one of the more contested concerns of the 21st century. Global change scientist

Paper List

Commensalistic Institutions and Value Conflicts: The World Trade Organization and Global Private Food Standards View Paper Details
Mass Media and the Food Crisis: An Analysis of Media Discourse View Paper Details
Online Networks of Challengers in Food Policy: A Comparative Study of Structures and Coalitions in Germany, UK, US and Switzerland View Paper Details
The uncertain implications of the food crises for EU and US agricultural policies: evidence from the post-2013 CAP and 2012 US Farm Bill debates View Paper Details
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