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Political Science in Europe

Explaining Institutional and Policy Change with New Tools and in New Fields of Application

Policy Analysis
Policy Change
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Andreas Thiel
University of Kassel
Panel Discussant
Colette Vogeler
TU Braunschweig

05/09/2019 15:50 - 17:30
Building: (Building B) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 4th floor Room: 401
The study of institutional and policy change through the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework is still in its infancy. This panel aims to pursue the analytical development of the framework in new fields of application. Papers addressing the methodological needs of new contexts as well as the emerging opportunities and challenges for the ensemble of IAD tools are presented.

Paper List

Title Details
Assessing Policy Designs and Policy Debate: Lessons for the IAD's Grammar Tool View Paper Details
Linkages Across Policy Stages? Understanding the Policy Process through the IAD and Adjacent Action Situations View Paper Details
State-Reinforced Self-Governance and Institutional Change: The Evolution of the New York City Watersheds Governing Arrangement View Paper Details
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