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Political Research Exchange - PRX

The Influence of Europeanisation and Internationalisation on the Decision-Making Process in Swiss Foreign Policy

European Politics
Foreign Policy
Michał Tomczyk
University of Lucerne
Michał Tomczyk
University of Lucerne

The specificity of decision-making processes in foreign policy of Switzerland was constantly changing in recent years. It was motivated by the European integration processes and globalization. The new geopolitical challenges brought the need not only for mental, but also institutional adaptation to current conditions. These transformations are referring to both the evolution of decision-making centers, political processes and concepts. Analyzing the certain phase of Swiss decision-making process we can conclude that the effect of internationalization have a significant impact on consultation procedures, the reduction in the level of conflict, shift in the distribution of power and rise of a new actors.
Thus, this article is an attempt to indicate to what extend European integrations influenced the decision-making processes in foreign policy of non-EU countries. The outcomes of this study could serve as an interesting input for further comparative analyses of the impact of Europeanization in the other non-EU countries.
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