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The European Union and Beyond

Motivation of MEPs to Initiate the RCV as Limit of Behavior Analysis

Comparative Politics
Political Methodology
Ondrej Mocek
Masaryk University
Ondrej Mocek
Masaryk University
Panel EU Politics

The subject of this paper is the research of the motivations of MEPs to initiate the RCV in the European Parliament. RCV are used to examine the behavior of MEPs, that’s why the motivations are the basic limit to interpret the results of the RCV analysis.
The research is based on the interviews (about 20 MEPs ) and questionnaires (3 committees addressed). The result of that is defining of limits of the interpretation of the analysis of RCV regarding the possibility that RCV are used by the political groups as a strategic tool.
Contemporary research is usually omitting this level of analysis and by doing that they leave an interpretation gap. The analysis of RCV is the only tool how to examine the behavior of MEPs. The motivation to initiate the RCV could influence the result and by that misinterpret the final analysis of this type of voting.
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