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Political Science in Europe

Comparative Study of Foreign Policy Behavior of Putin and Erdogan on SU-24 Crisis Between Turkey and Russia

Comparative Politics
Conflict Resolution
Foreign Policy
International Relations
Political Leadership
Zehra Gürsoy
Yıldız Technical University
Zehra Gürsoy
Yıldız Technical University

Operational code focuses on leaders' belief systems and their impacts on foreign policy-making (George, 1969). By utilizing the operational code analysis, this research aims to unravel the special patterns of leaders' foreign policy behaviors in the anarchical world order.
When SU-24 was shot down by F-16 fighters on 24 November, reaction of the leaders to this event shaped the way of the crisis. By analyzing the decision making and crisis management processes in SU-24 crisis, this research aims to uncover the roots of the leaders’ sense on assessment of the crisis.
As known, Turkey and Russia are at odds regarding Syria's civil war. Their relationship has very important impact on Middle East region. Therefore, it is crucial to examine; how Putin and Erdogan as the decision-makers assess the international system, the capacity of state, political power in their internal affairs while managing the crisis.
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