Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

The EU and Crisis Management: Conceptualizing Crises Management as an Institutional Vernacular

Conflict Resolution
Critical Theory
Oliver Richmond
University of Manchester
Oliver Richmond
University of Manchester
Sandra Pogodda
University of Manchester
Roger Mac Ginty
University of Manchester

The construction of an institutional vernacular is much more than the coining and use of a specific terminology. Instead, and echoing Bourdieu and Foucault, the use of particular discourses is infused with power and reveals much about the relationships and worldviews of key actors. Thus, the key concepts developed by the EU constitutes a body of evidence to be investigated. This paper unpacks the ontologies and epistemologies that lie behind the development of terminology by the EU through an analysis of how the EU’s approach to a crisis is operationalized as pre-crisis, early warning and conflict prevention; crisis, response and management; and post-crisis, stabilization and state building, attached to which are specific connotations of economic, humanitarian, political, security and legitimating measures.

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"...the good of man must be the objective of the science of politics" - Aristotle

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