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ECPR Futures Lab 2020

The Candidatura De Unidad Popular (CUP): Origin, Structure and Original Model

Political Parties
Alberto Díaz Montiel
Universidad de Granada
Alberto Díaz Montiel
Universidad de Granada

This article analyzes the origins and configurationnof the Candidatura de Unidad Popular (CUP) as a political party from the moment in which this party decides to overcome the municipal level.
The CUP is a radical leftist separatist party that in recent years has taken on special relevance in politics in Catalonia as one of the main leaders of the sovereignty process that is lived in this community. Moreover, governability in Catalonia has been depending on this party. For this purpose, and through the model developed by Panebianco (1976), in this article we will analyze the previous political parties, its structure and organization, as well as the reasons that explain its expansion during the last years.
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