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European Union

Europe (Central and Eastern)
European Politics
European Union
European Parliament
Section Number
Section Chair
Maurizio Carbone
University of Glasgow
Section Co-Chair

The push-pull factors that have shaped the dynamics of European integration have varied over time. Recent years have witnessed new challenges to the politics and the policy-making of the European Union in the shape of external shocks and internal upheavals that have unsettled the institutional dynamics and policy-making, and pose a potential existential threat to the EU. The continued economic malaise across the member states, the migration crisis, the referendum in the UK, have generated increased questioning about what European integration means for the continent’s peoples. Member state governments, too, demonstrate greater scepticism about the capacity of the Union to deal with internal matters or external challenges. Yet, these same governments remain unclear to what extent the nature of the real challenge lies with institutional dynamics, or a collective European identity crisis in the face of mismatched expectations about the division of authority between the member states and the EU-level.

This Section presents Panels and Papers that reflect on how current challenges undermine or enable European integration, including the way in which the intergovernmental-supranational balance plays out, addressing how this has changed, adapted, or stagnated in the context of recent developments in various policy areas. Topics that might be covered in the Section include institutional dynamics (role of institutions, member states, non-state actors), policy areas (economic, social and external policies), identity crisis (including differing national responses and reactions to EU developments, rise of Euroscepticism, likelihood of disillusion and more proposals for ‘secession’), and future enlargement possibilities.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P045Challenges in European Migration Governance View Panel Details
P082Consensus and Coalition Building in the Council of the European Union View Panel Details
P090Contending Approaches to European Integration View Panel Details
P149Euroscepticism and Elite Attitudes Towards the European Union View Panel Details
P218Institutional Dynamics in the European Union View Panel Details
P291New Perspectives on the European Public Sphere View Panel Details
P315Perceptions of the European Union View Panel Details
P320Perspectives on Europe’s Security and Defence Policy View Panel Details
P344Politicisation and De-Politicisation in the European Union View Panel Details
P349Populism and Public Support to the European Union View Panel Details
P373Recalibrating the EU's Leadership Constellation After Brexit: Beyond German Semi-Hegemony? View Panel Details
P410Secluded Decision-Making in the European Parliament: Opening the 'Black Box' of Trilogues View Panel Details
P443The European Parliament and the EU’s Policy-Making Process View Panel Details
P444The European Union and the Belt and Road Initiative: Shaping a New Type of Regionalism? View Panel Details
P445The European Union in the International Arena View Panel Details
P461The Multidimensional Peripheralization of Central-Eastern Europe in the EU: Causes and Perspectives View Panel Details
P474The Politics of Making Policies in the European Union View Panel Details
P483The Role of Parliaments in Brexit Negotiations View Panel Details
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