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ECPR Journals Virtual Special Issue

Comparative Territorial Politics: Citizens, Parties, Elections and Governments in Multilevel States

Comparative Politics
Political Parties
Public Policy
Party Systems
Public Opinion
Section Number
Section Chair
Elodie Fabre
Queen's University Belfast
Section Co-Chair
Arjan H. Schakel
Universitetet i Bergen

Multilevel governance is evolving and contested. The integrity of the British devolved union and the supranational European Union (EU) were put into question over the last several years by popular referendums on nations’ continued membership. Yet, at the same time, deeper multilevel governance seems to be the answer for responding to nationalist demands for self-government and to govern the troubled economies of the Eurozone. Subnational autonomy continues to be at the source of variation between regions in the way in which they make policy and the way in which their governments are held accountable by electorates. More and more, place makes a difference to how people live, to the services they receive, to how they interact with public authorities, and to how they vote. This difference has also made it imperative for the constituent parts of states to coordinate their actions with each other and with the central government in order to ensure a consistency of approaches across the country. This Section invites panels and papers that seek to address these topics and that examine: how and why multilevel institutions have become contested, what differences multitiered government makes to political competition and public policy and how multilevel institutions work in practice.

Panel List

Code Title Details
P080Decentralisation and Ethnic Conflict View Panel Details
P197Longitudinal Dynamics in Territorial Governance Co-sponsored by IPSA Research Committee 28 ‘Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance’ View Panel Details
P216Multilevel Institutions, Territorial Politics, and Representation View Panel Details
P248Peripheral Elites in the Central State’s Apparatus View Panel Details
P275Political Parties in Multilevel States: Origins, Social Bases, and Strategies View Panel Details
P355Subnational Governments in the European Union View Panel Details
P356Sub-National Politics in Authoritarian Regimes View Panel Details
P400The Politics of Regional Reforms View Panel Details
P457Voting in Regional Elections View Panel Details
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