Joint International Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

Planning your Conference

With 125 Panels taking place across 14 Sections, the SGEU Conference has a packed and comprehensive academic and plenary programme. 



The most up to date conference information is on the ECPR website.  There are a number of ways you can use the website to plan your conference attendance:

  • The Schedule of Activities is a day-by-day timetable of events, including session times and information about the Roundtables, Plenary lecture and receptions.
  • The Academic Programme contains the full Section, Panel and Paper listings for the conference. You can browse or search by Section, Panel or Paper, depending on whether you want to check the details of your own Panel or look for some interesting new research in your field.
  • The Timetable allows you to search for a particular Panel or activity by time or keyword so you can easily plan out your day.
  • You can also check your MyECPR account for your Section/Panel/Paper details.


PDF of the Academic Programme

A PDF of the academic programme is available here, correct as at 13 May 2016.  If you are accessing it via a mobile phone or tablet, you will need to have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Acrobat.


Printed Conference Programme

Printed Conference Programmes have been produced which will be available upon Registration.  The content of the printed Programme is correct as at the time of going to print on the 13 May 2016, but often small changes can occur right up until the start of the event.  A 'Programme Updates' sheet listing all changes to the programme since 13 May 2016, will be available at Registration.


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