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From Maastricht to Brexit by Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione

Changes in Political Attitudes and Values

Comparative Politics
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Fred Cutler
University of British Columbia
Panel Discussant
Mike Medeiros
University of Amsterdam

27/08/2015 11:00 - 12:40
Building: Jean-Brillant Floor: Basement Room: B-0325
All papers in this panel deal with attitude change (or lack thereof). One paper investigates whether public opinion in former East and West Germany has converged or not since reunification of the two countries in 1990. One paper studies the development of attitudes towards immigration in the Nordic countries over a decade and links it to political conditions among each country. One paper asks whether the rally-around-the-flag effect (a sudden increase of support for a government in response to a crisis) also takes place in countries that are not directly involved in the crisis but might be affected by it. One paper examines the extent to which changes in the local socioeconomic environment of East German districts affects political attitudes. One paper presents a novel method and dataset to capture ideological change (both economic and social) across Europe overs the last three decades.

Paper List

Title Details
Ideological Change Across Europe, 1981-2012 View Paper Details
Putting Attitudes into Place: How the Socioeconomic Environment shapes Political Attitudes View Paper Details
Rally Around Another Flag: The Impact of External Crises on Incumbent Support View Paper Details
Stability or Change? Cultural Convergence and Xenophobia in East & West Germany View Paper Details
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