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Political Science in Europe

Social Business’ Model to Overcome Social Injustice

European Politics
Md Hussin Alam
University of Wrocław
Md Hussin Alam
University of Wrocław

Peoples are free and independent, and their freedom and independence are to be respected by other people (John Rawls 2008).On the other hand, injustice is a quality relating to unfairness or underserved outcomes. Justice has sometimes been used in a way that makes it virtually indistinguishable from rightness in general. Aristotle, for example, distinguished between ‘universal’ justice that corresponded to ‘virtue as a whole’ and ‘particular’ justice which had a narrower scope (Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book V, ch. 1–2). According to Plato, justice is the quality of an individual and an individual’s mind. It can be understood by studying the mind of man, its functions, qualities or virtues. For Kant, it is a virtue whereby we respect others’ freedom, autonomy, and dignity by not interfering with their voluntary actions, so long as those do not violate others’ rights; Mill said justice is a collective name for the most important social utilities, which are conducive to fostering and protecting human liberty. Rawls analyzed justice in terms of maximum equal liberty regarding basic rights and duties for all members of society, with socio-economic inequalities requiring moral justification in terms of equal opportunity and beneficial results for all; and various post-Rawlsian philosophers develop alternative conceptions. The sense of injustice is a universal human feature, though the exact circumstances considered unjust can vary from culture to culture. While even acts of nature can sometimes arouse the sense of injustice, the sense is usually felt in relation to human activities such as misuse, abuse, neglect and malfeasance that is uncorrected. All the elements are present in Yunus’ thought, Social business models and practice. The European concepts of justice are to be found in South Asian models of social economic models of development as Social Business. According to Mohammad Yunus Social Business is a powerful tool to create a world of three zeros, which is zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions, by combining three elements the concept of Social Business approach through which they enter the bottom of the pyramid area by helping to solve social problems and issues example in Bangladesh. As a result, businesses remain incapable of addressing many of our most pressing social problems. In the bottom of the pyramid area, nearly 2.7 billion people who live on less than $2.50 a day. Especially in developing countries poor people are living under injustice. The current study aims at exploring how social business has been able to contribute to solving injustice. What led to the buildup and staggering growth of the justice crisis in developing countries and how social business will work with local partners to provide solutions and safe spaces for those in a critical situation? The study will try to find the reasons behind injustice; how society has been affected by injustice; and how social business can solve the injustice problems.

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