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ECPR 50th Anniversary Fund

Contestation of the EU External Relations. Actors, Arenas, Arguments

European Politics
European Union
Foreign Policy
Political Parties
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Magdalena Gora
Jagiellonian University

17/06/2016 11:00 - 12:30
Floor: First Floor Room: Aula 14
The European foreign policy (EFP) (including CFSP, CSDP and other dimensions of EU external relations such as European Neighbourhood Policy) for a long time has attracted high support from both elites and citizens. In recent years however negative trends have been influencing how this area of EU’s activities is perceived. The position of the EU in global arena is changing and its role is diminishing. None of the institutional reforms, such as creation of EEAS, increased – at least in a popular reception – the visibility of the EU. Finally, the flagship initiatives toward neighbours – the EU enlargement and the ENP – are highly criticized and contested. Any future enlargement is unlikely in short-time perspective and the ENP is troubled both by the prolonged conflicts and instability in the Southern neighbourhood (especially in the Middle East) and Russia’s imperial politics toward the Eastern Partnership countries. It is quite obvious that the EU neighbourhood became less stable, less prosperous and less secure than ten years ago when ENP was initiated. As a result there is growing interest and disagreement in public debate and among ordinary citizens as regards the scope and methods of EU’s external involvement. Moreover – as recent immigration crisis showed – there is direct impact of EU’s (in)activities on the EU citizens’ sense of security.
The main aim of the proposed panel is to understand by whom, how, where and why the EU external actions are contested within the EU polity. Papers in the panel focus on national and European parliaments and especially the Eurosceptic parties and their discourse on external relations in the contestation of the EFP but also on public opinion and public debate.

Paper List

Title Details
‘Neighbours of Europe and European Neighbours’? Patterns of Contestation of European Neighbourhood Policy in Parliamentary Debates View Paper Details
Contestation of the EU Enlargement Policy in the European Parliament View Paper Details
Contesting EU Policy towards Ukraine and Russia in the European Parliament (2014-2015) View Paper Details
Euroscepticism and the EU Enlargement Process View Paper Details
Who Wants a United Europe? A Study into Public Opinion Attitudes towards EU Enlargement View Paper Details
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