Digital Populism: Internet and Far Right Populist Politics

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Panel Chair
Eric Miklin
Universität Salzburg
Panel Discussant
Emmanuel Dalle Mulle
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
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08/09/2017 17:40
Building: BL20 Helga Engs hus Floor: Basement Room: HE U35
There has been much debate about the effect of phenomena like online publishing, social networks or web search on political communication. Some scholars have argued that their rise increases citizens’ exposure to diverse perspectives. Others, however, expect them to result in the formation of ‘echo chambers’ and ‘filter bubbles’. This panel addresses the effect these new channels of communication have on the behaviour and electoral success of far right populist parties: What are the strategies applied by these parties? Are there differences amongst them with regard to their use of different channels? And to what extent can recent successes of far right populist parties in fact be attributed to these strategies?

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