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Political Research Exchange - PRX

Electoral System, Party System and Society

Party Systems
Political Cultures
Panel Number
Panel Chair
Heiko Giebler
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Panel Discussant
Heiko Giebler
WZB Berlin Social Science Center

07/09/2019 09:00 - 10:40
Building: (Building A) Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics Floor: 3rd floor Room: 309
Nature, preferences and behavior of (democratic) political elites strongly depend on contextual and systemic factors. At the same time, political elites can have a major impact on these factors and the respective interdependency has always been of great interest to scholars from different sub-fields of political science. Most importantly, this refers to electoral systems, party systems and various features of society, e.g., societal conflicts, political culture or norms. While institutional features are rather stable by definition, we see many changes and developments when looking at party systems and especially societies at this point. Moreover, these changes and developments are often associated with negative consequences for or, at least, challenges to the quality of democracy. However, there is also increased discussion and implementation of institutions complementing or even substituting classical institutions of representative democracy.

In this panel, different studies investigate current developments in established as well as young democracies focusing on various aspects of this interdependency. The papers relate to old questions of democracy research but with novel approaches and, most importantly, with an additional focus on what any changes can mean for the state of democracy. As a result, this panel contributes, on the one hand, to efforts revising existing knowledge regarding the embeddedness of political elites as well as their role in societal and systemic change. On the other hand, the panel fosters exchange between scholars of established and Western democracies and experts of younger democracies and semi-democratic countries.

Paper List

Title Details
Can Electoral Engineering Protect Democracy? Electoral Rules, Representational Roles and Citizens’ Satisfaction with Democracy View Paper Details
Reflections on Political Change Processes after the Arab Uprisings: Representation, Opposition and Authoritarian Resilience View Paper Details
When are Decision-Making Procedures Accepted by the Elite? The Case of Referendums View Paper Details
Who's Here for Whom: Party Elites in Younger Democracies View Paper Details
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