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The European Union and Beyond

Addressing the SDG 14 Targets and Indicators Through the Management Strategies for Large Marine Ecosystems

Environmental Policy
Comparative Perspective
Andrew Hudson
United Nations Development Programme
Andrew Hudson
United Nations Development Programme
David Hugh Vousden
Rhodes University, South Africa

The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and subsequent Strategic Action Programme (SAP) development approach is consistently used to develop management strategies for the world’s Large Marine Ecosystems. A recent review undertaken by the United Nations Development Programme of the various LME management strategies under development and implementation around the world has clearly demonstrated that the linkages between the TDA formulation and SAP implementation process and the SDG 14 Targets are both significant and diverse. The review looked in detail at the interlinkages between the LME TDA/ SAP process and objectives and those of SDG 14. It confirms that there is an intrinsic alignment between the two processes and that the TDA-SAP processes and SAP Implementation will inevitably and significantly assist with the delivery on most, if not all, of the SDG 14 Targets and Indicators. It is therefore evident that the on-going support for the TDA-SAP process along with the implementation of the various SAPs within the global LMES has and will continue to have a direct and positive effect on achieving the SDG 14 Targets. Nevertheless, there are aspects of the TDA-SAP process which could be further improved to provide even stronger support to delivering on the SDG 14 targets and indicators.
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