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Gendering the European Parliament

Law, Business & Sausages: Towards Modern Organised Crime in the East-Central Europe (The Case of the Czech Republic)

Organised Crime
Political Economy
Petr Kupka
Masaryk University
Petr Kupka
Masaryk University

Inspired by the work of Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt, Pierre Bourdieu and Didier Bigo, the paper is focused on the intimate connections between criminal groups and elite structures in the East-Central Europe. These actors are not perceived as an independent actors connected by corruption ties, but as fluid actors which struggle about the power in the political (-economical) field, which has to be considered not only as a battlefield, but also as a magnetic field.
The paper examines the consequences of this field, which „corruptive“ character is undetachable of economical forces and market imperatives influencing the economical, political and social transition in East-Central Europe. The activities and business structures of František Mrázek, who was shot in 2006 and who was called by local media as „Godfather of Czech Organized Crime“, will be used as an analytical example of liquid dichotomies „legal-illegal“ and „ideological-non-ideological“ and „transparent-nontransparent“ which organize the discourse about „organized crime as a threat“ and „political system as a victim“.
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