Stein Rokkan Prize

Nomination Procedure

The prize is open to candidates from all social science disciplines; however ECPR Executive Committee members, the Director and ECPR editors are excluded from being nominated.

The work should be a very substantial and original contribution in comparative social science research.

The work can be an unpublished manuscript of book length, a printed book, or collected works published within the two years preceding the award ceremony. Edited volumes are not eligible.

The work should preferably be in English; however a submission written in another language can be nominated as long as it is accompanied by an English summary of the work.

Submissions must include: the author's name; book title; year of publication (if published); and the name of the person who makes the nomination. This must be sent together with a formal letter in support of the nomination from the head of a research institution, university department or research centre. This letter must include information on the nominee, for example an outline of their work, research interests, etc. and support of their candidacy for this award.

Self-nominations are not allowed.

Submissions, welcome from 15 October 2018, should be sent by email to Marcia Taylor ( at the ECPR before the deadline of Friday 15 February 2019.

After Friday 15 February 2019 all nominees will be informed and required to forward hard copies of their manuscript to each member of the Jury for consideration. Please note that electronic versions will not be accepted and submissions unfortunately cannot be returned. Submissions should be received by all five members of the jury by 15 March 2019.

The 2018 prize jury was and the 2019 jury is yet to be confirmed:

  • Giliberto Capano, Università di Bologna (Chair)
  • Per Selle, Universitet i Bergen
  • Dorothee Bohle, European University Institute
  • Hanspeter Kriesi, Stein Rokkan Chair, European University Institute
  • Marina Costa Lobo, Universidade de Lisboa Instituto de Ciências Sociais

Announcement of the 2019 prize winner and information about the Award Ceremony

The decision of the Jury will be announced in July 2019.

Please forward any further queries to Marcia Taylor ( at the ECPR.


"History is past politics, and politics is past history" - E.A. Freeman

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